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It all started with a Facebook page in the year 2011

Our Facebook page ‘Hut4Net’ initially started as “Net Hut” in 2011 with a passion to present our fans with the best things over the web. A group of friends managed this page to share whatever they found to be trendy. Our team continuously developed a passion to present the best Internet of Things.

Eventually, Hut4net team found its brighter side and are now coming up as an Internet Presence and Brand Management (IPBM) Service Provider, a brand new Strategy & IT startup based in India. Well, we analyzed our market area to be huge and filled with a lot of competitors. We thus engineered IPBM services ourselves in order to reinvent the market and to capture the top place! After all, growth in competitors literally means growth in our business industry and we welcome it our way.

Our walls are finally painted. 

We are excited to launch this site and to make internet a better place for all businesses. Our focus is on everything related to Internet Presence and Brand Management. This includes hosting both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns for a growing number of incredible brands and businesses. Our technical expertise is reflected in the areas of web development and design, mobile application development, UX & UI digital and print designs, web and mobile software testing, business research, User/Market analytics, inbound marketing along with a growing interest in various others.

Harish Chennamsetty is our Lead Web Developer and Project Manager @hut4net.com. He occasionally writes one or two blogs every month at our site. His blogs mainly include Hut4net's general news, upcoming events and milestone achievements. His topics also cover various technical and managerial areas of software engineering, business making and brand marketing.

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