Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some Frequently Asked Questions

(On Web Design Packages in General)

Here are some frequently asked quetions (FAQs) on web design packages and plans. For any other queries please

What is a ‘content-specific’ IPBM package?

At Hut4net, we have classified our projects into two categories. One is ‘content-specific’ and the other is ‘design-specific’. Content-specific packages is chosen when the client cares more about content than the design. So, with content-specific packages, client permits Hut4net’s UI and UX design experts to unleash their creativity without any restrictions on design.

Design-specific package is when the clients

  • wills to see something more unique than any other web design in their market area
  • or wills to provide us with some wireframes, sketches or show us some sample websites where they intend to let us work on similar designs  as shown/drawn by them.

Design specific packages cost you more than content specific packages. This is because we take our nerves out in building something more unique for the clients who wills to see something more unique design-wise.

What is DIY and N/A in the above pricing/quote table?
  • Do-it-yourself – DIY
  • Not available or not applicable – N/A
Can I buy paid add-ons for quote items that are N/A?

Sometimes not. Even if you pay for an add-on it should be applicable and adaptable with the hosting solution, for example, you can’t buy a sweet pack to host your site on a shared server and buy a blogging add-on. The server and other conditions of your hosting or design solution should support the add-on extension that you wish to use. Please for any queries.

What is “w/o Disc” in the above pricing/quote table.

W/o Disc means you may avail a discount and the quote item is listed without (w/o) discount. You may to know if you avail any discount.

Why aren’t the technical details of the server not-described along with the package details?

Each project is different and thus we need to setup specific servers according to the need. We perform the capacity planning for each project before we commence. If you have already taken the package, please and get technical server details of your package.

What is CDN?

We make sure that the latency of the server meets the fastest routes possible to reach the maximum number of users who access the site. For this purpose, we use Cloud Delivery Network (CDN). With CDN, the website will always be live never matter even if the traffic hits peak stages at a particular period of time. Further, websites or web applications enabled with CDN will load much faster at user location disregard of the server’s physical location.

What if the client want the server located in another location

We never fix the server location to one place. We place the servers only where we assume most users will access the site from. If the client needs the server to be located in another location disregard of requirements analysis and capacity planning that we do, this specific requirement should be detailed prior to the project. So that we can arrange the servers as per the specifics detailed by the client.

Can we blog more than 365x6 posts per year?
  • Many design and development companies say “unlimited” blog posts services but they don’t explain you the terms and conditions of what this “unlimited” actually means. Your server should be capable of handling whatsoever number of posts you make. So this depends on the packages you choose. Stating “Unlimited” number of posts doesn’t make any sense as it can’t let you post 1000s of posts per day.
  • We don’t identify any necessity for more than 365×6 posts for a blog even for star packages. Any blog that needs more than 365×6 posts per year will be assumed to be a magazine site and shall be quoted accordingly for servers. However, we don’t think there is any general website in the world that actually posts more than 365 posts a year (assuming one post a day). So, no client needs to worry about the number of blog posts a year unless the client needs something like Online Magazine solution.
What are the sizes of the print that apply and are there any limitations?
  • A6 (148x105mm) or A5 (210x148mm) or DL (99x210mm) and other sizes applicable with the need as analysed by our Project Manager at Hut4net. The client may pay extra or choose an add-on for any specific print design needs other than what we offer as a complimentary package.
  • Print delivery costs shall be paid by the client.
  • The Complimentary Print design items shall be delivered within one year of the project commencement and shall be provided every year after that on a recurring basis.
  • There are no design changes after what we design during our first year project initiation.
  • The prints may be delivered in sheets and the client may need to DIY for folding tri-fold brochures, sticking envelopes, etc.
What does the content writing quote item include?

Content writing includes search for title keywords (based on SEO keywords), tag line creations, and paragraph writing for all pages.

Is copy pasting allowed from other sites?

Yes, you can use whatever content you want to use on your website but we do not recommend it and team is in no way liable to it. Also, please note that copy pasting of any third-party copyrighted material may also violate our terms of service. On another note, even if you copy paste content from other websites that is free of copyrights, your SEO pack and branding will go void and these quote items will be automatically discarded from your package.

Will there be any changes when Hut4net team performs a review on client's content?
  • Yes there will be changes unless the client restricts us to do so. We ensure that SEO Keywords are mentioned in the content. During this process we may modify and update the content. It is due responsibility of the client to check and inform about any changes. The client is also responsible to review changes and request for reverting the changes back. Reverting changes back to the content provided by the client may automatically loose SEO pack unless clarified with project manager at Hut4net. for any queries on this.
  • We provide the reviewed content directly on the design and send it to client for final review before deployment. The content will however be updated as and when applicable as desired by the client even after the site is deployed.
What is the “discounted” that is mentioned for domain quote item?

One .in or .com or .net domain / year Included with every package. 500 INR or its equivalent currency amount is discounted for any other primary domains. Just let us know what domain you need and we set it up for you (Subject to respective Gov permissions).

What does SSL mean?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secures your visitor’s or User’s connection made to the server. It shows a Green “Https” before your domain name in the browser. Any user data (including names, bio, passwords that is not open) shall meet an additional security layer and is 256-bit encrypted which makes hackers almost impossible to hack into. This is needed for ecommerce sites where the users add, save or leave their banking information on the site when making a transaction. With SSL, the users feel secure to make transactions.

Why not SSL (HTTPS) on all pages?

We cannot guarantee HTTPS on custom pages only however, it is subject to feasibility and client’s specific requirement about it. There are several disadvantages of using HTTPS on all pages of the site. Some of the ‘assumed’ disadvantages are detailed below.

  • Overhead increases on the server
  • CDN may face challenges if the SSL is not directly provided by CDN network provider
  • Subdomains may have an issue if SSL is set up automatic for all pages
  • Ad Networks may face challenges when clients post ads on their site.
  • If the whole site is using SSL, it may create a false sense of security in your user who make payments.
  • Some tools and plugins such as web analytics, SEO tools may lose their applicability to be used.
What does the Web Design customization that is provided with Sweet, Starter and Standard packages offer?

Design Edits/modifications according to your client’s content requirements. However, the design specific customization is not offered with these packages and if the client is specific about the design elements, we suggest taking up a silver or star package.

What is the difference between static and dynamic web design and why don’t we use it here?

There is no standard naming conventions in use in order to mention static and dynamic web designs. Some design companies use the word “dynamic” for responsive web design and some use it for about blogging or other web dev features. Some design companies use the word “static” for pages that don’t do have any web dev features (such as contact forms) other than simply presenting the front-end designs.

What kind of tools and programming are usually used at Hut4net to build the web designs?
  • org, DrawPlusx6, and some other similar open source tools are used for sweet, starter and standard packages.
    • If paid by the client (except for silver and star packages), many Adobe products may be used to obtain the desired designs such as videos, images, logos and so on.
  • PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and Larvel are generally implemented. However, we may also use other frameworks for obtaining the desired design and development output.
  • Javascript frameworks like JQuery, angularjs and backbonejs are generally implemented. However, we may also use other frameworks for obtaining the desired design and development output.
  • MySQL Databases is used for most of our sites. This may vary when deployed on a cloud or with a custom web-design and hosting solution.
  • Other Programming languages like Python may also be used.
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal CMS content management system may be used.
What does the graphic designs include?

Images, Videos, Layouts (for backgrounds and other web elements like web vectors, Javascript front-end graphics, etc)

What is GNU GPL?

GNU GPL is a license for general public use. The designers may sometimes pay a single price or a subscription based price for obtaining a product and then to use its GNU GPL license for multiple projects.

What does the Uniqueness Guarantee mean?

With our knowledge in concern, we design sites in such a way that no other site in the entire world () will look the same like what we designed. The designs shall be highly unique and creative.

For backgrounds will you include the text, videos and images that the client provides you?

We not only deal with web design. We also deal with branding of the site and so we need to make sure that the content is client’s own or premium licensed to client. The images and videos that are provided by the client should be of high quality and should meet the web design standards. The images and videos should adapt with the designs being made. The content should be our content review team’s checklist of standards and if the client is specific about seeing their text, videos and images disregard of our content review team’s rejection, it is up to the client. (The applicable SEO terms apply).

What does the “highly premium content” look like?

The content will have 4K videos. Personalized photo and videography and similar others.

Are any of the products/solutions/services for sale?

The products/solutions/services served by Hut4net are developed either by Hut4net’s developers or by its Partners from all around the world. Further, we provide web applications like Course Management, Online School Management and Ecommerce as a service but not as a product. So, we never sell any of the products we mentioned in the packages or distribute its code separately.

Can we arrange the service/product on client’s servers that are not managed by Hut4net?

For security and licensing reasons, we don’t setup any service/product on a server on which we don’t have control. This is however possible with Star Packages where we setup the site at Client’s own personal hosting space (AMC Contract revisions applicable).

The server space and email space are calculated separately does this mean that the client gets both the spaces separately?

May be! The server space is determined to be the space for entire hosting. It applies for both email and web hosting. However, we may also provide emails out of what is actually provided with the hosting package for some services like online school management.

Is there any other fee?
  • We don’t collect taxes on any out-of-border (international/ non-indian) project. You (as a client) are responsible and liable to pay your taxes to your government on any of the trade made with
  • The pricing model is determined for US and Indian Clients. However, the SMS gateway setup pricing and the number of SMS to be included within the package may change from country to country and so the clients may require to pay extra as per their location.
  • The pricing model is determined for US and Indian Clients. However, the pricing is exactly the same even if converted into other currencies such as Euros, Crowns and Yens.
Is the advance refundable?

The advance is not refundable. As we pay the advance amount to the servers and all other setup costs. If you are unsure about taking up the package, we recommend that you start tasting our SWEET Pack and then migrate to a better package later on.

Is the Migration from one package to another automatic?

No, we cannot migrate the packages automatically as we need to migrate all the files and the setup from one server to another server. If you don’t know which package suites you, we recommend to start with our SWEET package or for cloud services. With services deployed using cloud technologies, we may charge you extra for setup fee. However, you may be billed as per the resources you use on cloud. For example, you will be billed only 1,000 INR instead of 1,111 INR as only few users accessed your site and the billing will be scaled up when more users access your site. Please if you want to discuss on this.

Will you make changes according to my custom needs?
  • Most of the clients’ needs are covered with different packages. You can search for all the existing packages and take up one or more packs in a combo as per your needs. and detail your needs if you don’t find any of your requirement listed with any of our packages. Hut4net will provide the best solution possible.
  • Capacity Planning shall be done for all projects. So you don’t need to worry about whether a service applies to you or not. However, we perform full requirements engineering only for all Star Packages. If feasible, custom requirements may be performed for STAR packages. Feature requests shall however be considered from all clients in updating our services.
What happens if we hit storage or bandwidth limit?

All the packages are marked with lower Max limits. This means, you can consume more space or bandwidth than what is said in the packages. There is no immediate server breakdown as the server is setup to handle any amount of data or bandwidth limits. However, when we monitor that you hit your limits, we shall inform you and recommend or perform the necessary tasks to do accordingly.

What is included in the support and maintenance?

The “Maintenance” mainly covers bug rectifications and updates. The maintenance hours are spent to constantly monitor the services we offer and to ensure that our offering are working as detailed. The “Support” is included within the maintenance. The client can use “Support” in order to do certain complex web-master tasks such as

  • uploading CSV mark sheets to the website,
  • adding students in bulk to the website
  • Handling product updates such as discounts, adding new products and many others as desired by the clients
  • and explaining/training the clients to use our services at their best.
What if the client exceed the amount of maintenance hours provided by Hut4net?

We shall provide maintenance FREE of charge but it is limited only to Maximum of Hours / month as detailed for each package. The Client shall be informed about payment of extra 5 dollars or 6 Euros (432 INR / hour) for all extra hours spent for support.

What if I pay make the full payment and later upgrade to a bigger package?

The upgrade can only be done at the end of each billing cycle. However, if the client needs to immediately upgrade to a bigger pack, the advance payment cannot be fully adjusted as it shall be used for servers and the client needs to make a fresh advance of the new pack to which the service need to be upgraded. In this process, any remaining amount (excluding any advances that cannot be adjusted) shall be adjusted with the upgraded plan. The same process applies when the clients who downgrade their plans and packages.